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LEGO Kids' Star Wars Savage 9.5 Minifigure Alarm Clock
LEGO Kids' Star Wars Savage 9.5 Minifigure Alarm Clock
Shipping & Returns
Privacy & Security
Terms & Conditions
Shipping & Returns



It is our policy that whatever method of shipment is used, tracking information and delivery confirmation, (including signature upon receipt whenever possible) will be required for proof of delivery.

We will ship only to a verified address. This means that the shipping address must be the same as your credit/debit card billing address, or if you pay with your PayPal account, it must be a shipping address that has been verified by PayPal. To pay with a credit/debit card and ship to an address that is different from the billing address of the card, or an address that is not already set up with your card provider, you will need to call your bank or card provider (most cards have their toll-free number on the back of the card), and ask them to set up an alternate shipping address. Once that is done, the shipping address will verify in the same manner as the billing address. If you like, you can establish several alternate shipping addresses, in most cases. Requesting shipment to an address that cannot be verified will result in delay or cancellation of your order.

All stock items will be shipped within one business day, maximum two in rare instances. We have the ability to ship many of our items from several different warehouses across the country, which enables us to ship from the one closest to your delivery address.

Not all items are stocked at all warehouses. When orders contain multiple items, sometimes the orders might be split, shipping from multiple locations. You will see this during the checkout process. If this is applicable to your order and you have any questions concerning this process, please CONTACT US.

In the event that an item is unexpectedly out of stock, you will be notified by email and given the option of backordering the item with a projected shipping date, switching to another item, or canceling the order with a full and immediate refund.

At checkout, you will be given several shipping options consisting of UPS, FedEx, and USPS. In most cases, both ground and air choices will be offered. Please note that delivery times or dates are estimates only, and may not be exact. They are included to be used as a guide in your decision making process, and they are not guaranteed.

Some items, usually small and/or lightweight, will show a cost per item for shipping, which will be at the cheapest ground method.

If you have any questions concerning shipping that are not answered during the checkout process or on our FAQ or other information pages, please CONTACT US.

Damaged Items

It is always our goal to package every item in such a way that it will not be damaged during shipment. If damage due to shipment is discovered, it must be noted upon receipt. If hidden damage is discovered, it must be reported to the carrier and to us within 24 hours of receipt.

Damage during shipment is the responsibility of the carrier. However, Exemplary Exchange will do all possible to assist in working with the carrier to settle any claims as quickly as possible.


Returns will be accepted ONLY with a Return Authorization.

To obtain a Return Authorization, please CONTACT US. Email is preferable. Please reference your name, address, order date, item number, etc. and state the exact reason(s) for return.

Please note - our general return policy is that we do NOT accept returns for reasons other than the product being defective upon receipt. Other reasons for returning a product will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and for reasons other than being defective upon receipt, if return is allowed, a restocking fee will most likely be charged. The amount of the restocking fee will vary depending on the item.

PLEASE NOTE FOR SOFTWARE: We generally do NOT accept returns of software products of any kind. Since we generally do not accept returns unless a product is defective, and we generally do not accept software returns if the package has been opened, and you cannot know if software is defective unless you open it and try it, it then logically follows that software cannot be returned. Therefore, please read all specifications, requirements, descriptions, etc. etc. pertaining to any and all software products you are considering. You, the customer, are solely responsible for making sure software you buy is compatible with the computer you will be using it on. If you have any questions about software, please email us before you buy, not after.

Requests for Return Authorization must be emailed to us within 48 hours of when the merchandise is delivered by the carrier. Requests received past that deadline will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Defective items accepted for return will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Generally, our policy will be to replace a defective product with a new one. If replacement is not possible, reasonable alternatives including, but not limited to, a refund, will be offered.

Return Authorizations will consist of a Return Authorization Number, and will contain detailed instructions for returning the item(s). If the instructions are not followed, the return will be refused.

Do NOT return any products to our "Contact Us" address. That is our administrative address only, not a warehouse or store. All returns or other shipments of merchandise to that address will be refused.

It is our goal to provide Exemplary service to every customer on every order. If you have any questions concerning shipping or returns, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

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